The Best European Short Movies Running for the Melies d’or 2021

For the fourth consecutive year, the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges hosts the Méliès d’or award ceremony on saturday 16.

Here are all the shorts that won the Melies d’argent in one of our 11 adherent and 9 affiliated member festivals and running for the Méliès d’or.

Which one will win?

Here is the golden list:
Dar Dar
Hungry Joe
The Recycling Man
Heart of Gold
The Last Marriage
Little Miss Fate
White Noises
Our Kingdom
A Stranger From the Past
I Never Left You Alone
Live Forever
Last Dance
Hospital Dumpster Divers
The Shepherd
You’re Dead Helen
En Fin de Conte

The Méliès d’or and Méliès d’argent awards are presented every year to the best European fantastic feature and short films. The awards acknowledge both quality and creativity, and generate a unique visibility for films and their directors.