Méliès Competition

The Federation annually awards a Méliès d’Or prize for the best European fantastic feature film and short film. An award which is renowned in Europe and abroad, the Méliès generates visibility for films, its producers and directors. It’s an award that stands for quality, creativity, and imagination.

The Méliès d’Or award stands for quality, creativity and imagination!

The Méliès awards, named after Georges Méliès, the great French pioneer of fantastic films and special effects, were created in 1995. The Méliès  feature film cycle lasts about one year and is open to festivals with affiliated membership (one per country). Each festival holds a competition for recently produced European genre films and its jury awards the winner a Méliès d’Argent. The Argent winner from each festival then go on to compete for the Méliès d’Or; the competition 

and awards ceremony are currently held at the last festival on the cycle calendar.

The Méliès cycle for short films works in the same way, except that it is optional and open to both affiliated and adherent members. Currently nearly all of the festivals hold the short film competition.

The first Méliès d’Or ceremony was held by the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in 1996 and the prize was given to Alex de la Iglesia for The Day of the Beast (El Día de la Bestia). Other winners since that landmark date have included Michael Winterbottom for Code 46 in 2004, Thomas Alfredson for Let the Right One In (Låt den Rätte Komma In), in 2008, Rodrigo Cortes for Buried in 2011 and Kristina Buozyte for Vanishing Waves (Aurora) in 2012.

The first Méliès d’Or was awarded in 1996!

Feature Film 2020
Méliès d´or Winner​

pelican blood 2019

Pelican Blood (Germany, 2019) by Katrin Gebbe

Short Film 2020
Méliès d´or Winner

best friend 2018

Best Friend (French, 2018) by Nicholas Olivieri, Yi Shen,
Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu