Méliès Competition

The Federation annually awards a Méliès d’or prize for the best European fantastic feature film and short film. An award which is renowned in Europe and abroad, the Méliès generates visibility for films, its producers and directors. It’s an award that stands for quality, creativity, and imagination.

paco plaza melies career d'or 2020
Paco Plaza @ Carrer Méliès Ceremony – Sitges 2020

The Méliès d’or award stands for quality, creativity and imagination

Named after the pioneer of fantastic film in the silent film era, the Méliès Awards are given to the best European fantastic feature and short film at our member festivals. Since its inception in 1995, the Méliès has been awarded to films from all parts of Europe, reflecting the cultural wealth and variety of European fantastic cinema. The first Méliès d’or was awarded in 1996

The Méliès is a cycle of competitions that takes place throughout the year. Eight festivals across Europe present a Méliès d’argent to the best European feature film and the best European short film. Another eleven festivals award a Méliès d’argent for short film only.

Out of these Méliès d’argent feature film winners and short film winners, a jury chooses a Méliès d’or, for the best European fantastic film of the year. The Méliès d’or is presented annually at the Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya in Sitges (Spain).

Feature Film 2020
Méliès d´or Winner​

pelican blood 2019

Pelican Blood (Germany, 2019) by Katrin Gebbe

Short Film 2020
Méliès d´or Winner

best friend 2018

Best Friend (French, 2018) by Nicholas Olivieri, Yi Shen,
Juliana De Lucca, Varun Nair, David Feliu