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Sitges – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya

 October 3, 2024 | October 13, 2024

Sitges, Spain

Sitges - Catalonia's official festival is a primary film statement and an excelent showcase for diverce tendencies in cinema, with a special impact from the fantasy genre.

Sitges represents a journey through the most advanced and innovative fantasy productions, a meeting with horror stories that fathom the subconscious, a collection of the most recent animation pieces and a suggestive vision of new film noir. And also, at the same time, a reflection on new movie tendencies, a voyage through Asian cinema, a sampling of new Catalan audiovisual productions), Sitges promotes Catalan audiovisual creation and a distribution and exhibition medium for international productions), the recovery of front-page films and much more.

The present Sitges Festival is the evolutionary result of the Semana Internacional de Cine Fant√°stico y de Terror (International Fantasy & Horror Film Week) created in 1968.

Sitges is one of the founding members of the Federation together with Brussels.

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