The winners of the FEFFS 2022

strasbourg feffs poster 2022

And the winners of this year’s 15th edition of the ​Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival are…

Méliès d’argent Award Winner – Feature Films @ FEFFS 2022

The competition is organized in collaboration with the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF).
The award goes to the best European feature film:

by Carlota Martinez-Pereda
Spain, 2022, 90’

The film starts with a classic premise. An overweight, self­conscious teen is teased and harassed by a clique of girls while swimming when she’s on holiday. But the plot twists when a mysterious psychopath attacks her tormentors. The victim is then faced with a choice:join up with her saviour or turn him in. Piggy explores the grey areas ofmorality, with a bullied character and her burning desire for revenge. Carlota Pereda’s film stands out from similar works through her boldly frontal approach to filming bodies and violence, resulting in an abrupt and uncompromising film.


Méliès d’argent Award – Feature Films @ FEFFS 2022

Attachment by Gabriel Bier Gislason (Denmark, 2022)
Brian and Charles by Jim Archer (UK, 2022)
Family Dinner by Peter Hengl (Austria, 2022)
Flowing by Paolo Strippoli (Italy, 2022)
Summer Scars by Simon Rieth (France, 2022)
Piggy by Carlota Pereda (Spain, 2021)
The Island by Anca Damian (Romania, 2021)
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Pierre Földes (France, 2022)
Unicorn Wars by Alberto Vazquez (Spain, 2022)

Méliès d’argent Award Winner – Short Films @ Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival 2022

The competition is organized in collaboration with the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF). The winner of the competition also wins the nomination to the Méliès d’or annual competition. The award goes to the best European short film.

Boom-Boom Bang-Bang (Plan-Plan Cul-Cul)
by Alexandre Vignaud
Belgium, 2021, 18’

An unlikely encounter between Daniel-the-dog-who-likes-to-vacuum; Tétrapoutre-the-alien-with-the-vagina-shaped-face; Gérard-the-slow-witted­worm; Cynthia-the-erotomaniac-negligee-wearing-cat-next-door; Jennifer­the-frog-nurse; and two dog cops-who-love-performing-strip-searches.

Plan-Plan Cul-Cul

Méliès d’argent Award – Short Films @ FEFFS 2022

Censor of Dreams by Léo Berne and Raphael Rodriguez (France, 2021, 18′)
Martyrs of Striving by Alexander Fischer (Germany, 2021, 14′)
Night Breakers by Gabriel Campoy and Guillem Lafoz (Spain, 2021, 17′)
Phlegm by Jan-David Bolt (Switzerland, 2021, 6′)
Plastic Killer by José Pozo (Spain, 2022, 20′)
Hold Me Tight by Mélanie Robert-Tourneur (Belgium, France, 2021, 6′)
Miracasas by Raphaelle Stotz and Augusto Zanovello (Switzerland, France, 2022, 15′)
Boom-Boom Bang-Bang by Alexandre Vignaud (Belgium, 2021, 18′)
Scale by Joseph Pierce (France, UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, 2022, 15′)
Steakhouse by Spela Cadez (Slovenia, France, Germany, 2021, 9′)
The World’s After by Florentina Gonzalez (France, 2022, 11′)
The Calling by Joffrey Monteiro-Noël (France, 2022, 20′)
Colonie by Romain Daudet-Jahan (France, 2022, 13′)
Harmony by Céline Gailleurd and Olivier Bohler (France, 2022, 25′)
Mantra by Stef Meyer and Pascal Bourelier (France, 2022, 17′)
Signs Of Destiny (And All That) by Mathieu Z’graggen (France, 2022, 23′)

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