The Best European Feature Films Running for the Melies d’or 2023

For the sixth consecutive year, the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges hosts the Méliès d’or award ceremony.

Here are all the feature films that won the Melies d’argent in one of our affiliated member festivals and running for the Méliès d’or.

The Melies d’Or Feature Film Competition at Sitges 2023 – A Feast of Fantastical Cinema! 

Prepare to be enchanted by an extraordinary selection of feature films, each one awarded with the Melies d’argent and presented by a member festival of the Méliès International Festivals Federation. Sitges Film Festival 2023 is a celebration of imagination, horror, and fantastical storytelling, and these films are at the forefront of that narrative.

Here’s a glimpse of the spellbinding feature films vying for the prestigious Melies d’Or:

1. **Nightsiren** – Presented by Sitges
2. **We Might as Well Be Dead** – Presented by Lund
3. **LOLA** – Presented by Trieste
4. **Attachment** – Presented by Imagine
5. **Halfway Home** – Presented by BIFFF
6. **Vincent Doit Mourir** – Presented by NIFFF
7. **Sky Dome 2123 (White Plastic Sky)** – Presented by Strasbourg
8. **Superposition** – Presented by Motel X

The competition is fierce, and we can’t wait to see which of these incredible films will earn the coveted Melies d’Or Award.

The Méliès d’or and Méliès d’argent awards are presented every year to the best European fantastic feature and short films. The awards acknowledge both quality and creativity, and generate a unique visibility for films and their directors.