Strasbourg Méliès selection 2021

strasbourg Affiche feffs 2021

Strasbourg Méliès d’argent feature film competition 2021

After Blue, Bertrand Mandico, France

Comrade Drakulich, Mark Bodzsar, Hungary

Inexorable, Fabrice Du Welz, France

The Innocents, Eskil Vogt, Norway, Sweden

Lamb, Valdimar Johannsson, Iceland

The Land of the Sons, Claudio Cupellini, Italy

Name Above Title, Carlos Conceicao, Portugal

Strasbourg Méliès d’argent short films competition 2021

Lynx by Julien Henry, Belgium – 19′

Such Small Hands by Maria Martinez Bayona, Uk – 19′

Tropaion by Kjersti Helen Rasmussen, Norway – 11′

Little Miss Fate by Jorder Von Rotz, Switzerland – 8′

Polka-Dot Boy by Sarina Nihei, France – 8′

Trona Pinnacles by Mathilde Parquet, France – 13′

Scorpion Sur Lit De Roses by SéBastien RovèRe, France – 13′

T’Es Morte Hélène by Michiel Blanchart, France – 24′

Zmiena by Pierre Renverseau, France – 14′

Un Bon Pote by Rock Brenner, France – 14′

Bruits Blancs by Thomas Soulignac, France – 18′

Sans Issue by Romain Fauvel, France – 19′

Z by Caroline Branders
Belgium – 18′

Ding by Malte Stein
Germany – 5′