Razor Reel Flanders Selection 2022

Razor Reel poster 2022

Razor Reel Flanders is part of the Méliès International Festivals Federation, an association currently consisting of 26 film festivals, whose mission it is to promote European fantastic cinema around the globe. The Méliès d’argent is awarded to short films for cinematic quality and creativity. The winning short film at Razor Reel Flanders will then be competing against all other Méliès d’argent short film winners for the Méliès d’or.

Razor Reel Melies d’argent Shorts Selection 2022

The following films are nominated for the Méliès d’argent:

Amygdala, Maria Hatzakou, Greece

The Wet Nurse, Arnold de Parscau, France

Spell on you, Sarah LASRY, France

Under the Ice, Alvaro Rodriguez Areny, Spain

Face Not Recognized. Try Again. Also Sisters, Spain

Phlegm, Jan-David Bolt, Switzerland