The Méliès Online Showcase 2021

This October, the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF), presents the first Méliès Online Showcase. For 48 hours, the 19 Méliès d’argent short film winners from the last 12 months are streamed to a worldwide audience of press, programmers and film buyers. This initiative aims to further boost the visibility of European fantastic film and to create the opportunity for festival bookings and sales.

Since 1983, the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) promotes European fantastic cinema around the globe. The 26 member festivals from 20 countries reach a global audience of over 800,000, making the MIFF the largest festival federation in the world.

The 19 European member festivals each host the competition for the Méliès d’argent, the award for the best European fantastic short film. Out of these 19 Méliès d’argent winners, a Méliès d’or is awarded at the Sitges Film Festival (717 October). 

In the run-up to this Méliès d’or ceremony, the MIFF presents all the winning films during an online showcase, aimed at programmers, curators, film buyers and press from all over the world. From Monday 4 October 12:00 noon CET to Wednesday 6 October 11:59, all 19 films are available to these professionals. 

The aim of the showcase is to provide the filmmakers an improved chance to secure festival bookings and sales. The initiative is a new step in the ongoing mission of the MIFF to promote European fantastic cinema and increase the visibility of its creative talent.

Méliès Online Showcase

Monday 4 October 12:00 noon CET to Wednesday 6 October 11:59.

To gain access to the showcase, please email

For further information, contact Chris Oosterom, chairperson of the MIFF:

Méliès d’argent Short Film Winners 2020 – 2021

Dar-Dar – Paul Urkijo Alijo – Spain 2020

  • Winner at the Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya, Sitges (Spain)

Heart of Gold (Un cœur d’or) – Simon Filliot – France 2020

  • Winner at the Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Horrorscope – Pol Diggler – Spain 2019

  • Winner at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Hospital Dumpster Divers – Anders Elsrud Hultgreen – Norway 2020

  • Winner at HÖFF in Haapsalu (Estonia) 

Hungry Joe – Paul Holbrook, Sam Dawe – United Kingdom 2020

  • Winner at Fantastisk Filmfestival, Lund (Sweden)

I Never Left You Alone (Nunca te dejé sola) – Mireia Noguera – Spain 2020

  • Winner at the Molins Horror Film Festival, Molins de Rei (Spain)

Last Dance – Danny Gibbons, Alex Scott – United Kingdom 2020

  • Winner at Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival, Bruges (Belgium)

The Last Marriage – Gustav Egerstedt & Johan Tappert – Sweden 2020

  • Winner at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Brussels (Belgium)

Live Forever – Gustav Egerstedt – Sweden 2019

  • Winner at the Splat! Film Festival in Lublin and Warsaw (Poland)

Polter – Àlvaro Vicario – Spain 2020

  • Winner at Fancine Malaga (Spain)

The Recycling Man – Carlo Ballauri – Italy 2020

  • Winner at Science + Fiction Film Festival, Trieste (Italy)

The Shepherd (Пастух) – Ilya Plyusnin – Russia 2021

  • Winner at the Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Ljutomer (Slovenia)

Smiles (Sonrisas) – Javier Chavanel – Spain 2020

  • Winner at the Abertoir Film Festival, Aberystwyth (United Kingdom)

A Stranger From the Past – Jan Verdijk – The Netherlands 2020

  • Winner at the San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, San Sebastian (Spain)

White Noises (Bruits Blancs) – Thomas Soulignac – France 2020

  • Winner at the Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival, Strasbourg (France)

Our Kingdom (O Nosso reino) – Luís Costa – Portugal 2020

  • Winner at the Motel X Film festival, Lisbon (Portugal)

To Be Announced

  • Winner at the Court Métrange Film Festival, Rennes (France)

You’re Dead Helen (T’es morte Hélène) – Michiel Blanchart – France, Belgium 2021

  • Winner at the Slash Film Festival, Vienna (Austria)

La Última Navidad Del Universo – Adrián Cardona, David Muñoz – Spain 2019

  • Winner at the HARD:LINE International Film Festival, Regensburg (Germany)