GRIMMFEST Manchester Selection 2023


The 15th edition of the GRIMMFEST Manchester presents its first Melies selection. GRIMMFEST is a truly independent genre film festival, dedicated and committed to showcasing great movies by both new and established filmmakers from the world of genre cinema.

GRIMMFEST Melies d’argent Short Movie Selection 2023

CATERPILLAR (UK, 14 min 16 sec) by Matt Bentley-Viney
THERE ARE NO GHOSTS (Spain, 14 min 47 sec) by Nacho Solana
MEMORIES OF THE MOON (Belgium, 24 min) by Antoine Dricot
FIND YOU HERE (UK, 14 min 30 sec) by Jo Smyth
FAMILY NIGHT (Ireland, 17 min 18 sec) by Alan Dunne
MANTRA (France, 17 min 03 sec) by Stef Meyer, Pascal Bourelier,
THE HERITAGE (UK, 11 min 45 sec) by Andrew Rutter
TRAPPED (UK, 15 min 38 sec) by Semyon Voinov
STARR (Italy, 15 min 56 sec) by Riccardo Grippo
BOOKWORM (Spain, 13 min 42 sec) by Javier Yañez Sanz