Fantaspoa 2021: all the winners

Ibero-American Competition

Jurors: Domício Grillo, Márcia Deretti and Marina Kerber

Best Actor: Pepe Soriano (Noturna – A Noite do Velho Homem)

Best Actress: Marilú Marini (Noturna – A Noite do Velho Homem)

Best Screenplay: Cristian Ponce (História do Oculto)

Best Direction: Rodrigo Aragão (O Cemitério das Almas Perdidas)

Best Film: History of the Occult, by Cristian Ponce

Honorable Mention: “Os Que Volta”, by Laura Casabe. For the way in which she portrays the protagonists and themes of the female universe in fantastic cinema and for the aesthetic construction of the images.

International Competition

Jurors: Beatriz Saldanha, Fernando Sanches and Renné França

Best Actor: Numan Acar (In the Shadows)

Best Actress: Najarra Townsend (The Hairdresser)

Best Special Effects: Nick Lively (Ancestral Rites)

Best Art Direction: Alessandro Marvelli (This Game Is Called Murder)

Best Screenplay: Roberto De Feo, Lucio Besana and Margherita Ferri (O Ninho)

Best Direction: Junta Yamaguchi (Two Minutes Beyond Infinity)

Best Film: Jumbo, by Zoé Wittock

Honorable mention:

“Cyst”, by Tyler Russel: Best Pus Bath.

“Benny Loves You”, by Karl Holt: Best Massacre

“Dancing Mary”, by SABU: for the use of photography as a narrative function.

Short Films Competition

ACCIRS Criticism Award – Association of Film Critics of RS
Jurors: André Kleinert, Caroline Zatt and Daniela Strack

Best National Short Film: A Barca, by Nilton Resende

Best International Short Film in Live-Action: Figurant, by Jan Vejnar

Best International Animated Short Film: Genius Loci, by Adrien Mérigeau

Popular jury

Short Film Jurors: André Assis, Bruna Altafini and Rayane Martins
Feature Film Jurors: Brenda Noato, Carolina Moreira and Eduardo Lenhardt

Best National Short Film: AzulScuro, by Evandro Caixeta and João Gilberto

Best International Short Film in Live-Action: Moment, by Geoffrey Uloth

Best International Animated Short Film: Un Couer d’or, by Simon Filliot

Best Feature Film: Two Minutes Beyond Infinity, by Junta Yamaguchi