Melies d’argent winners at Bruxelles 2019

Silver Méliès for the best European film: I’M BACK by Luca Miniero (Italy, 2018)


A stout man in uniform wakes up at the Piazza Vittorio and notices with great contempt a bunch of dark skinned kids playing football. “We’re under attack”, he scornfully mumbles. He gets up, wipes the dust off his uniform and swiftly walks on until he gets to a newsstand. He sees the date and instantly faints. More than half a century after his death, Benito Mussolini finds himself back in Rome, in an Italy where populism prevails and anti-politics are deeply rooted. He meets laid off documentary filmmaker Andrea Canaletti who introduces him to the ultimate propaganda machine: television. The Italian people welcome him with open arms. Nothing seems to have changed…

The jury of the Méliès d’argent for best European fantastic feature film consists of Patrick Duynslaegher, Bérengère McNeese, Guillaume Schumans, Sophie Pendeville.

Silver Méliès for the best European short film: PLEINE CAMPAGNE by Pierre Mouchet (France, 2018)


An old and dilapidated house in the contryside. A solitary and gloomy-looking man wandering around.
A frail and angelic girl locked up in a room. A piece of human flesh forgotten near the well…
That is what a young tramp will discorver beyond sacrifice…