The Nominees for the 37th BIFFF Méliès d’argent are:


7 REASONS TO RUN AWAY FROM SOCIETY by Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler & David Torras (Spain, 2019)

ACHOURA by Talal Selhami (Morocco, France, 2019)

FINALE by Soren Juul Petersen (Denmark, 2018)

I’M BACK by Luca Miniero (Italy, 2018)

IRON SKY 2 (THE COMING RACE) by Timo Vuorensola (Finland, Belgium, Germany, 2019)

PLAY OR DIE by Jacques Kluger (Belgium, 2018)

THE ROOM by Christian Volckman (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, 2019)

THE SONATA by Andrew Desmond (France, UK, 2018)

THE UNTHINKABLE by Victor Danell (Sweden, 2018)

ZOO by Antonio Tublen (Denmark, Sweden, 2018)


BAGHEAD by Alberto Corredor Marina (UK, 2018) 15′

BREATHE! by Matthias Kreter, Max Breuer (Germany, 2018) 9′

CERDITA by Carlota Martínez Pereda (Spain, 2018) 15′

CONTACT INCONNU by Silk Bistini (France, 2018) 19′

FLOTANDO by Frankie De Leonardis (Spain, 2018) 9′

I’M NOT A MONSTER by Grace Guilligan (Ireland, 2018) 17′

HERD by Mattia Temponi (Italy, 2018) 14′

LIBRARY OF GOD by Stian Hafstad (Norway, 2018) 12′

MIEDOS by Germán Sancho (Spain, 2018) 8′

PLEINE CAMPAGNE by Pierre Mouchet (France, 2018) 18′

RAIN CATCHER by Michele Fiascaris (Italy, UK, 2018) 15′

RETCH by Keir Siewert (UK, 2018) 4′

ROBOT WILL PROTECT YOU by Nicola Piovesan (Estonia, 2018) 10′

SPOILER by Evgeny Kolyadintsev (Russia, 2018) 6′

WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT by Jonas Trukanas (Lithuania, 2018) 14′


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