The films that will compete for the Méliès d’argent at Imagine Film Festival are:


ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY  by Quarxx (France, 2018)
ANIARA by Pella Kägerman, Hugo Lija (Sweden, Denmark, 2018)
DOMESTIK by Adam Sedlak (Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2018)
THE HOLE IN THE GROUND by Lee Cronin (Ireland, 2019)
IN FABRIC by Peter Strickland (UK, 2018)
LUZ by Tilman Singer (Germany, 2018)
O BEAUTIFUL NIGHT by Xavier Böhm (Germany, 2019)
PERFECT SKIN by Kevin Chicken (UK, 2018)
RUBEN BRANDT, COLLECTOR by Milorad Krstic (Hungary, 2018)
WILKOLAK by Adrian Panek (Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, 2018)


A DOLL DISTORTED by Niall Shukla (UK, 2018) 16’
BLACK EYED CHILD by Tony Morales (Spain, 2018) 9′
CONCRETE by Pirmin Bieri (Switzerland, 2018) 8′
DEAD ANIMALS by David Oesch, Remo Rickenbacher (Switzerland, 2018) 12′
DIVERSION by Mathieu Mégemont (France, 2018) 23′
FACELIFT by Jan Riesenbeck (Germany, 2018) 7′
IF [GIRLFRIENDDELUXE] by Steve Moss (UK, 2018) 7′
IN THE PALACE by Nelson Polfliet (Belgium, 2018) 22′
L’UOMO PROIBITO by Tiziano Russo (Italy, 2018) 19’
LA NORIA by Carlos Baena (Spain, 2018) 12′
LIBRARY OF GOD by Stian Hafstad (Norway, 2018) 12′
SHOULD YOU MEET A LADY IN A DARKENED WOOD by Daniel Stankler (UK, 2018) 4’
SWITCH by Marion Renard (Belgium, 2018) 18′
THE BLIZZARD by Àlvaro Rodriguez (Andorra, 2018) 12′
THE NIGHT by Martin Romero (Spain, 2018) 11′
TWO PUDDLES by Tim Keeling (UK, 2018) 6′
VONNIS by Walt Bladt (Belgium, 2018) 9′


DE GLOEIIGE by Justus van den Elsen (Netherlands, 2019) 9′
I BELIEVE IN MONSTERS by Nick Cremer (Netherlands, 2018) 18’
HET JUK by Nico van den Brink (Netherlands, 2019) 17′
MADAME LE CHAT by Jule Geleijns (Netherlands, 2018) 2′
SHORT CALF MUSCLE by Victoria Warmerdam (Netherlands, 2019) 13′
THE WALKING FISH by Thessa Meijer (Netherlands, 2018) 19’
WILD – Jan Verdijk (Netherlands, 2019) 12’