Melies d’argent winners at Trieste 2018

Méliès d’argent Award – Feature Film

MAN DIVIDED by Max Kestner (Denmark, Sweden, Finland 2017)

Members of the Méliès d’argent jury are: journalist and film critic Enrico Magrelli, film teacher and critic Roy Menarini, journalist and writer Alessandro Mezzena Lona.

MAN DIVIDED, the first fiction film by respected documentary director Max Kestner, convinces for its narrative originality and its skill in re-inventing classic themes: time traveling, the insecurity of survival in a not-so-distant future, the restless anxiety of the double. The film is directed with a steady hand and the acting shows great balance, disclosing a so far unknown horizon of the fantastic cinema, which belongs to Denmark and to Northern Europe, and that ought to be followed carefully.

2095. The world is ravaged by ecological disaster: all natural freshwater is gone. Fang Rung has undergone molecular fissionto send his other half, code name Gordon Thomas, back in time in search of a scientistwhose ground-breaking research was lost before it could save the world. Documentarist Max Kestner’s first fiction film is a not-to-be-missed Danish sci-fi!

Méliès d’argent Award – Short Film Competition

THUNDER FROM A CLEAR SKY by Yohan Faure (France, 2018)

The prize goes to the short film that gets the most votes from the audience.

Ten years after the discovery of a remote planetary system likely to sustain the early stages of a civilization, we wait for the results of a worldwide referendum to answer the question: Should we meet this civilization?