los sin nombre 1999

The Nameless

Los sin Nombre
Juame Balagueró

Five years after a young girl was murdered when her mother seemed to have started to recover, a phone call once again shatters her life: "Mummy, it's me... come and get me". Helped by an ex-policeman and a reporter who is expert in the supernatural, she sets out on a desperate search for a terrifying truth that lay dormant until now: a group of the occult that rejects its own name, the empirical science of evil, uninhabited desolate houses that conceal things, secrets... An abominable trap. This truth spreads its tentacles through time and space, from the horror of the Holocaust to the occult fever in sixties London up to the present day. After years of lethargy, the nameless are about to be revealed. A number: 106, an abandoned motel. They might manage to find the child. Perhaps she's alive and can be saved, but the horror is only just beginning… (Source: IMDB)

Genre: features

The Nameless

1999 Méliès winner at

Sitges - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya