La leyenda del espantapájaros (2005)

The Legend of the Scarecrow

La Leyenda del Espantapajaros
Marco Besas
Spain 2005, 10 minutes    

A lonely scarecrow tries to befriend a group of birds without success, and he can't understand why they don't want to approach him. A blind wounded crow falls at his feet and the scarecrow takes care of it; through the bird he learns why the crows are afraid from scarecrows. After learning the news, he walks to his owner's house in the middle of the night, wakes him up, and asks him to give him another job. Little does he know that such an innocent request will bring what follows upon him. (Source: IMDB)

Genre: Animation, HUB, shorts

Topic: creatures

The Legend of the Scarecrow

2006 Méliès d’argent at

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