Samuel Schwarz & Julian M. Grünthal
 2015, 90 minutes    

NEUROO-X stands for games that dissolve the boundary between reality and gaming. A new gadget, the myth-enshrouded RED BOOK, offers the ultimate gaming experience. The most secret longings of gamers are scanned by the engine and transformed into fantastic adventures.
Marcus, Chief Development Manager of NEUROO-X dies short- ly before completion of the RED BOOK. His lover Ryuko finds out that something terrible happened during testing of the game in China, and the deeper she submerges into the secret of NEUROO-X, the more she loses touch with reality. She neglects her son Walter, who logs into the game and disappears into the digital parallel world. Ryuko finds herself in a world full of demons, witches, knights and terrorists.

Genre: features


2015 Méliès winner at

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival