Koekoek (2019) Jörgen Scholtens


Netherlands 2019

In a cuckoo clock, a lonely man is living who is launched from his little house every hour to ‘çuckoo’ exactly in time. Until he is faced with an unexpected dilemma in this bizarre comedy.

At the top of every hour, the man in the cuckoo clock buckles up in his launching chair and shoots outside through the little doors. "Cuckoo!", he exclaims. "Cuckoo!" His job is vitally important, because the old lady sitting under the clock must take her medicine every hour and that requires precision. Then, the man gets the chance to win a large cash prize in a radio quiz. This absurd comedy is the directing debut of Jörgen Scholtens.

Source: https://www.filmfestival.nl/en/archive/de-ontmoeting-koekoek/


Winner 2020


Director: Jörgen Scholtens

Scriptwriter: Jörgen Scholtens, Pepijn van Weeren



Duration:  8 minutes