El bar

El bar

The Bar
Álex de la Iglesia
Spain 2017, 102 minutes    

Madrid, a day like any other. The patrons of an overcrowded bar are minding their own business when one of them steps out and is suddenly shot dead by an unseen sniper. Struck with fear, they soon realise they are stuck in the bar while the outside world seems to go completely silent. As the hope of seeing a rescue team coming withers, the patrons individually try to find a solution to a problem that is only getting worse by the minute.
Propelled by a dynamic direction that frantically builds on a series of twists and turns, this claustrophobic thriller turns a B-movie concept into a masterful and breath-taking film, in which the reasons for events are less important than their consequences. So before you step in this bar full of strangers, ask yourselves: how far would you go to save your own skin? (source: N.I.F.F.F.)

Genre: features


2017 Méliès winner at

Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival