Hardline Film Festival, Poster Artwork 2024 copia

HARD:LINE International Film Festival

 April 11, 2024 | April 14, 2024

Regensburg, Germany

HARD:LINE Festival is an international film festival that aims to present all the various faces of extreme cinema. The question as to what is meant by the term “extreme” can be understood by looking at the content of our wide selection of fantastic films. The term is often defined by an explicit splatter aesthetic but it can also be represented by unusual story-telling methods or an exotic visual language. We are no warehouse festival where the priority is to show as many films as possible, we rather concentrate on presenting a few glowing examples of everything that extreme film can be.
HARD:LINE is mainly an audience-driven festival that focuses on entertaining its guests which is why we have left it up to the festival goers to decide what they find interesting and exciting. Almost all selected films can win the audience awards of the festival: The Golden Razor Blade for the best feature film and the Silver Razor Blade for the best short film.
As a member of the Méliès International Festivals Federation the festival hands out the Méliès D’Argent Award for the best German fantastic short film. The winner of the competition qualifies for the final round, where the federation is in search of the best European fantastic short. Besides the Méliès competition, we opened our short film selection for international productions, too. We carefully selecting eight powerful shorts from all over the world.
This small German horror powerhouse with its special punk rock vibe is the place where Filmmakers and Fans unite in joy. Come celebrate with us!

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