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Abertoir Horror Festival

 November 14, 2024 | November 17, 2024

Aberystwyth, Wales

The Abertoir Horror Festival was established in 2006 in Aberystwyth, a seaside town in Mid-Wales and is recognised as a festival of national significance. Supported by the Film Agency for Wales, the festival itself continues to grow stronger, attracting more and more visitors each consecutive year and providing an exciting event for fans of the genre.

Abertoir’s aim is to promote all aspects of the horror genre, creating a festival that is fun, diverse and affordable. While primarily focusing on film, the festival’s venue (a large multi-discipline arts centre) allows it to also host a variety of events including music and theatre. The Damned and Claudio Simonetti’s band Daemonia have all been part of Abertoir’s music events, while the theatre has provided Grand Guignol plays and a performance by actor Doug Bradley. Silent film with live accompaniment, talks, shorts, classics and cult screenings, new films and world premieres, even filmmaking masterclasses by Herschell Gordon Lewis and Gary Sherman have all been on offer to festival-goers.

The organisers are dedicated genre fans, and as such have managed to create a fun festival that has grown remarkably in a short time. With its friendly and warm atmosphere, Abertoir has always been about offering a festival that is affordable, exciting and different.

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