Trieste Science+Fiction Festival Méliès selection 2021

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival Méliès selection 2021

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival presents the Méliès d’argent feature films competition 2021

The competition is organized in collaboration with the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF) and is reserved to European fantastic feature films. The prize is awarded by an international jury composed of cinema professionals (Franco Dassisti, journalist; Romeo Toffanetti, cartoonist; Adelmo Togliani, director) and also counts as a nomination to take part in the annual competition for the Méliès d’or Award.

Absolute Denial
Ryan Braund, UK, 2021, 71’

Let the Wrong One In
Conor McMahon, Ireland, 2021, 96’

Mattia Temponi, Italy, Argentina, 2021, 91’

Rose: A Love Story
Jennifer Sheridan, UK, 2020, 86’

Wyatt Rockefeller, UK, South Africa, 2021, 103’

Branko Tomović, Serbia, UK, Germany, 2021, 95’

Agata Alexander, USA, Poland, 2021, 85’

Trieste Science+Fiction Festival presents the Méliès d’argent short films competition 2021

Here is the list of short films chosen for the Short Film Competitive Section of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival which can be candidates for the Méliès d’argent Award 2021.

The Exit Plan
Angus Wilkinson, AUS-UK 2020, 14’

Ivan Saudelli, I 2021, 15’

Christopher Poole, UK 2021, 13’

We Choose to Go
Marlene Emilia Rios, UK 2020, 15’

The Following Year
Miguel Campaña, E 2021, 22’

Electric Bodies
Antoine Janot, F 2021, 15’

Ligeia Mare
Adam Zimny, D 2020, 28’

Adrian Perez, CH 2020, 12’

The Repeater
Grete Suarez, E 2021, 18’

Sins of a Werewolf
David Prendeville, IRL 2020, 21’

Splendor [Splendeur]
Maximilien Gomes, France, 2021, 8’

The Dead Collectors
Brendan Cleaves, UK 2021, 13

Sad – The Movie
Guilherme Gehr, I-BR 2020, 9’ 

Blank Shores
Alex Kyrou, UK, 2020, 17’

Jan-David Bolt, CH 2021, 6’

Caroline Branders, B 2021, 19’