Slash Méliès selection 2021

SLASH Film Festival will screen some of the most exciting short, European horror, science-fiction and fantasy films.

slash festival poster
Slash Méliès selection 2021

SLASH is part of the Méliès International Festivals Federation, an association currently consisting of 26 film festivals, whose mission it is to promote European fantastic cinema around the globe. The Méliès d’Argent is awarded to short films for cinematic quality and creativity. The winning short film at SLASH will then be competing against all other Méliès d’argent short film winners for the Méliès d’Or.

The following films are nominated for the Méliès d’Argent:

Don’t Go Where I Can’t Find You (Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair)
Intolerance (Giuliano Giacomelli, Lorenzo Giovenga)
Love Is Just a Death Away (Bára Anna Stejskalova)
Night of the Living Dicks (Ilja Rautsi)
Pilar (Janis Joy Epping, Diana van Houten, Yngwie Boley)
Survivers (Carlos Gómez-Trigo)
Tale of the Deaf (Philipp Yuryev)
The Departure (De Huwelijksreis, Nico van den Brink)
The Following Year (Miguel Campaña)
Them (Sunitha Sangaré)
You’re Dead Helen (T’es morte Hélène, Michiel Blanchart)