Lund Fantastic Film Festival Selection 2023

Lund Fantastic Film Festival Selection 2023

Unveiling the Contenders for the MÉLIÈS D’ARGENT Award at Lund Fantastic Film Festival 2023

The Lund Fantastic Film Festival, Scandinavia’s oldest genre film festival, is all set to captivate audiences from October 27 to November 3 with a mesmerizing selection of films in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. This year, the festival promises to be even more extraordinary. With the countdown already underway, here’s an exclusive look at the feature films competing for the prestigious MÉLIÈS D’ARGENT Award.

1. Septichexen (Norway)

  • Director: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen
  • Duration: 13.49

2. Feeder (Poland)

  • Director: Andrzej Danis
  • Duration: 18.57

3. Poppy’s Saturn (Belgium)

  • Director: Nicole Tegelaar
  • Duration: 14.35

4. A Kind of Testament (France)

  • Director: Stephen Vuillemin
  • Duration: 16.24

5. The Lovers (Spain)

  • Director: Joan Vives Lozano
  • Duration: 23.00

6. Erik (Albania)

  • Director: David Kodheli
  • Duration: 19.59

7. Dataeterna (France)

  • Director: Axel Chemin
  • Duration: 20.00

8. Drijf (Belgium)

  • Director: Levi Stoops
  • Duration: 14.59

These films represent the pinnacle of genre cinema, with each one vying for the esteemed MÉLIÈS D’ARGENT Award. Lund Fantastic Film Festival is the ultimate destination for cinephiles and genre enthusiasts. It’s where cinema defies the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for a cinematic journey like no other. See you in Lund, Sweden, as we embark on this thrilling adventure into the realms of fantastic film.