Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival Selection 2023

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival Selection 2023

Grossmann’s Melies d’argent Short Film Selection 2023

🍿🍷 Exciting News! The Grossmann: 19th Fantastic Film & Wine Festival is here! 🎉🎥🎞️

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the highly anticipated Grossmann: 19th Fantastic Film & Wine Festival, which will take place from June 19th to 24th, 2023, in the enchanting towns of Ormoz and Ljutomer, Slovenia. This festival is a celebration of two incredible art forms: fantastic films and exquisite wines.

One of the most prestigious awards at the festival is the coveted Melies d’Argent, which recognizes outstanding achievements in the realm of european fantastic cinema. And here is the list of films competing for the award:

  • The Legend of Goldhorn, Slovenia, Lea Vucko, 13:35
  • Stop Dead, United Kingdom, Emily Greenwood, 07:56
  • Voyager, Spain, Pablo Pagán, 19:58
  • The Island Of The Resuscitated Dead, Italy, Domenico Montixi, 19:59
  • Strawberry Shake, Estonia, Lou Andréa Fiere, 14:00
  • Sam and Doug, United Kingdom, Brendan Cleaves, 16:55
  • Welcome to Candy’s, France, Sabine Crossen, 13:37
  • Phonorama, Spain, Alex Rey, 12:40
  • The Smile, Netherlands, Erik van Schaaik, 15:00
  • Threshold, El umbral, Spain, Javier Carneros Lorenzo, 16:09
  • Ashkasha, Spain, Lara Maltz, 06:17
  • Le Saboteur, Finland, Ansii Kasitonni, 12:00
  • Sandwich Cat, Spain, David Fidalgo, 10:54
  • Collecting, Spain, Marcos Gualda, 14:20
  • Vulvine Reine d’Extase, France, Clémence Andre, Nawel Bahamou, Ming Chieh Chang, Théo Guyot, Mary Yanko, 07:35
  • Luna, Spain, Daniel M. Caneiro, 16:00