Karoline Lyngbye
Denmark 2023, 105 minutes    

In Quantum Physics, the principle of superposition refers to the combination of two different physical phenomena (but identical in nature) that co-exist as part of the same event. The intellectual couple, Stine and Teit, leave Copenhagen and the comforts of city life with their son, Nemo, for a sustainable refuge in a Swedish forest. Their hope is to rekindle the flame in their marriage and rediscover themselves as individuals, while documenting their new lifestyle on a podcast. But one day, Nemo disappears into the forest and when Stine finds him again, the terrified child insists that she is not his mother. After being in the Cannes Frontières Platform in 2021 and being part of the official selection of the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2023, "Superposition" lands in Lisbon as a psychological game of reflexes, existentialist nuances and emotional dissolution.



2023 Méliès winner at

MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival