Christian James
 2013, 80 minutes    

Where would you hide during a zombie apocalypse? The down-on-his-luck janitor W.C was never invited to the company Christmas party and instead gets to spend Christmas Eve switching light bulbs in the ladies room. But the celebrations get even crazier than last year when uninvited undead guests crash the party and the eggnog is turned red by blood splatter. Amidst all this our poor hero is really in the shits – as he’s trapped in one of the bathroom stalls.
British filmmaker Christian James ingeniously titled film Stalled is a messy visit to the loo filled with dark humor, that has been described as Evil Dead meets Phone Booth. Although it is as simple in its high-concept setup as it is charming in the kinship to the genre classic Shaun of the Dead, Stalled still holds, despite its very limited format, a sweet message about not judging the book by its cover. But screw messages, in the end it’s bloody simple. A janitor, a stall – and the most impatient bathroom line in film history! (Source: Jakob Asell, LIFFF)

Genre: features

2013 Méliès winner at

Lund International Fantastic Film Festival