Let Us Prey

Let us Prey

Let us Prey
Brian O'Malley

Rachel Heggie, a tough female cop from the big city is transferred to a small village in the Irish countryside. To show the stuff she’s made of, she arrests the only criminal in the region and puts him in a cell for the night. But that’s not the end of it. It’s the beginning of the worst possible nightmare. The thing is; the Devil’s in town. He carries a worn-out duffel coat, has a grey beard… and is smirking in the police cell. He plans to take some doomed souls with him before midnight. Soon, the vilest and dirtiest secrets are no longer safe? Exemplary police officers turn into psychopathic maniacs who want to slash your soul out of your body.

Genre: features


2014 Méliès winner at

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival