Der Samurai

Der Samurai

Der Samurai
Till Kleinert
Germany 2014, 75 minutes    

Jakob is a policeman in a village on the German/Polish border. One day an oblong package arrives at the station, and Jakob takes it home. That night he receives a phone call from someone who claims that the package belongs to him. At the address the man gave him, Jakob finds a terrifying figure in a dress, who pulls a samurai sword from the package. This is the beginning of a long night in which blood will flow freely and Jakob will get to know his true self.

Der Samurai is a Lynchian horror thriller – think: Twin Peaks meets Blue Velvet – in which a naïve, sexually inhibited young man is swept into a world of violence and rage, discovering his own dark side in the process. The setting, however, is very European, while the wolf theme that runs through the story harks back to old European folklore. Director Kleinert still manages to combine all these influences and references into an original, quirky film, which slowly moves from creepy to gory, but never loses its focus. Chills guaranteed!
(Source: Imagine)

Genre: features

2014 Méliès winner at

Imagine Film Festival