Dead In 3 Days

Dead in three days

In 3 Tagen Bist Du Tot
Andreas Prochaska
Austria 2006, 97 minutes    

"In 3 days you're dead!" At first, Nina and her clique think this SMS is just a stupid joke. But no one is laughing when Nina's boyfriend is found tied to a concrete block at the bottom of a lake the next day. When another member of the group is savagely attacked everyone is paralyzed with dread. They're all on the murderers list. But why? Nina is the only one who discovers a mysterious clue leading to the brutal killer's identity. As the body count rises and the slaying become more and more vicious, still no-one believes her and time is running out ... (Source: IMDB/Alegro Film)

Genre: features

2007 Méliès winner at

Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival