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Splat!FilmFest – International Fantastic Film Festival

 October 27, 2022 | November 13, 2022


Splat!FilmFest is the biggest genre film festival in Poland. We’ve been scaring the audience since 2015. Splat!FilmFest takes place in two cities: Warsaw and Lublin. Our mission is to present dark, brutal, wild, and beautiful cinema.

The core of our programme is made up of premiere screenings of the best and most important genre films from all around the world which are not yet in distribution in Poland. We reveal uncompromising, bold, and blood red cinema to the Polish audience. The majority of the films are premieres of features shot in Europe and all around the world, made by outstanding contemporary film-makers as well as very talented debutants.

We don’t hold back on horror films, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, dark dramas, bloody black comedies, animations, action or utterly insane films. We value variety. A solid dose of horror masterpieces from all four corners of the world mixed with some cult classics sends a lovely chill down our spines and makes our hearts beat faster too.

We go an extra mile when it comes to the festival’s setting and its eerie atmosphere, which will make all those brave enough to participate shiver with fear. Carl Gustav Jung said that “one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”. And we fully agree. Splat!FilmFest reminds everyone that broadly defined horror is a very important phenomenon from the point of view of film history in general, it is diverse and rich in superb productions. This genre still has a lot to say and to show. That’s why, at our festival, you’ll find both unmitigated entertainment and great cinema.

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