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Imagine Fantastic Film Festival

 October 25, 2023 | November 4, 2022

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The annual Imagine Festival started out in 1984 as The Weekend of Terror, a two-night "mini-festival" of horror, sci-fi and fantasy films. This small-scale event eventually became a festival of 12 days, reaching a wider audience with a great variety of genre films from all over the world, almost all of them Dutch premieres or single theatrical presentations. At Imagine, movie lovers can indulge in the best, weirdest and most adventurous that the fantasy, horror, science-fiction, animation and thriller genres currently have to offer.

At present the festival program encompasses a main course of new features, theme programmes, a section of fantastic short films and the nightly horror marathon The Night of Terror. Apart from the Méliès Awards the festival hands out three other prizes: the self-explanatory Career Achievement Award, the Silver Scream Award for the film most popular with the audience, the Black Tulip Award for best feature and the Time Capsule Award for the best 30 second Imagine leader. But Imagine Film Festival is much more than the sum of its 70+ features and short films.

Additions to the menu are an annual symposium and a masterclass for aspiring filmmakers, taught by experienced professionals. Moreover, the festival is also the place where fans of the fantastic can meet & greet the men and women behind their favourite film in an informal atmosphere. Imagine may have matured considerably over the past years, it has nonetheless retained its distinctive relaxed charm.

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