Melies d’argent winners at Trieste 2016

The Méliès d’argent Award for Best European Fantastic Feature Film went to Sum of Histories by Lukas Bossuyt. The Award was conferred by the Jury, whose members were screenwriter Isabella Aguilar, director Fabrizio Roy Bava and TV writer and documentarist Carlo Modesti Pauer, “for showing the compelling interlacement of the characters’ lives within the sci-fi classic trope of timeline alteration and at the same providing an intriguing analysis of the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics”.

As for the European Fantastic Shorts section, the audience awarded the Méliès d’argent Award for Best European Fantastic Short to the Bulgarian short Getting Fat in a Healthy Way by Kevork Aslanyan.


Melies d'argent winners at Trieste 2016